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Usually the first sign of an AC Unit in need of repair is easy to notice, it’s too hot! This can be caused by a blockage or mechanical problem. If an AC unit turns on and off randomly there may be a problem with electrical circuits, contact us immediately because the fuses and circuit breakers may need to be replaced to avoid further permanent damage.

Our technicians are professionally trained to repair your AC unit, keeping you cool, and in Texas that's important. Very important.

There are many signs of a AC Unit in need of repair. Some AC units may display a low coolant warning (this could be a result of Freon leakage from the system) The first step when this happens is to check the inside and outside parts of the unit. Look for puddles of refrigerant anywhere near or in the unit.  The formation of ice and leakage of water are also indications of a Freon leak. If you see ice and water give us a call for same day service to fix the problem and prevent it from getting any worse.

There are many factors that can cause a AC Unit to not function properly, and we have just as many ways to fix them. Call or click today to stay cool this summer.

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Air Conditioning Repair Rockwall

Air Conditioning Repair Rockwall​​ TX

Repair your worn AC back to cool

(with our same day service AC repair!)

Air Conditioning Repair in Rockwall​​ Texas

A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business​ Certified American Standard Repair Professional

Texas summers are hot, keep cool by calling us.

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