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Your heating ventilation and air conditioning unit has components called air handlers. These are usually a large metal box. Inside this box are several parts, all working together to ensure that your HVAC unit is working correctly. Making sure your air handlers are working properly is important for the continued use of your HVAC.

Air Handlers Facts
There are several places an air handler would be in your home, typically it is the garage, attic or closet.  Wherever it may be, it is a vital part of providing
quality air conditioning throughout your home. Connecting to the ductwork that acts as distribution for conditioned air throughout the home, the air handler also has a return system. There are some cases where the air handler exchanges air without any ductwork.

Types of Air Handlers

There are several types of air handlers, typically they are

• Up flow

• Down flow

• Horizontal flow.

Parts of Air Handlers

• Blower or fan – Usually located in a squirrel cage blower driven by a motor that moves the air. Single speed or several speeds are available for a variety of air flow rates.

• Controls – Includes temperature and humidity sensors, actuators, sail switches and motor controllers. Regulates the function of the air handler including air quality, flow rate, air temperature and humidity.

• Heating/Cooling Elements – Changes the temperature of the air inside of the home.

• Filters – Keep the interior of the home free of dust, indoor air pollutants and other particles. Helps improve indoor air quality.

• Humidifier – Helps keep air quality more comfortable in drier weather such as during winter. Also reduces static electricity.

• Mixing Chamber – Air handlers allow air in from outdoors and puts indoor air outside. This assures a proper ratio of return, outside, and exhaust air.

• Vibration Isolators – Prevents vibrations caused by blowers in the air handler.  These are inserted into the duct before and after the air handler, also between the fan compartment and the rest of the unit.



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