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You've come to the right place for Furnace repair. We've been helping Dallas stay warm winter after winter for over 30 years. If you're not getting any heat from your furnace call us right now before winter comes. If you aren't sure if your furnace needs repair, read on to learn the symptoms of a broken furnace in need of repair. 

Furnaces often aren't used for most of the year in Texas. When it is finally turned on after it's long summer hibernation it can become strained from the heavy use all at once. Some things to look for when deciding when to call a Dallas or Rockwall furnace repair specialist are:

First signs of trouble

The first sign, one you will have no trouble noticing, is if the furnace just isn't heating. It may have used to in the past but one day you can turn it on and it won't heat up. This is an indicator that you need some work done.

Another factor is that your furnace isn't generating as much as it has in the past. This is the best time to call us so we can repair your furnace without having to replace it down the road. If your thermostat is not displaying the correct temperatures you also need repairs.

Have a gas furnace?

Make sure your pilot light and igniter are working properly and not malfunctioning. If they are you need your gas furnace repaired immediately, get an estimate here or give us a call.

Common Furnace Issues

Some other common issues in furnaces that you desperately need to call us about are:

• Rumbling and/or squealing sounds: There could be a problem with the shaft bearings or blower belt of your furnace, which is a serious problem. You should not wait to have us look at this. 

•Cycling on and off very often: This can be caused by
your heat anticipator being set incorrectly or dirt being in your components. If your furnace constantly cycles it will prevent your home from being thoroughly heated, You will want us to repair your furnace to ensure your entire home and building is comfortable when the late Texas winter sets in.

Even if you consider yourself a DIY kind of person, you should not make furnace repairs yourself. You could seriously damage your furnace or worse, harm yourself. Stay safe and leave the Dallas heating repairs to us (as well as any other repairs!) We'll inspect your furnace to make sure if you need your entire furnace replaced, or just one part, helping you save money from costly repairs you wouldn't need.

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