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Why get a garage heater? You want your home to be comfortable, but there’s one place people may overlook, the garage. Some are used to it being bitter cold or steaming hot. It’s easy to get your garage toasty in the winter months with our garage heater installation and repair. Already have a garage heater but it isn’t as hot as it used to be?  Give us a call or click here and let us know how we can help turn your garage back into another room of the house.

Types of garage heaters and their benefits

• Ceiling Heater
Works great if you are limited on wall space and is the perfect solution heating solution for small garages. In larger garages however when the heat rises to an exposed ceiling it makes the air go straight up causing uneven heating throughout the entire garage.

• Plug In Portable Heater
These require specific volt receptacles depending on the type. Most household outlets won’t accommodate so you want to ensure you have the correct volt receptacle for your home. Most heaters come with a cord and built in thermostat because wall mounted thermostats do not work as well with plug in portable heaters. One option available is hanging brackets. Plug in portable heaters should be placed preferably on a work bench or the floor 3 feet away from anything else.


• Unit Heater
The most common garage heater. They are used for medium and large garages. Unit heaters are commercial grade, heating the room the fastest because of the larger motor and fan. These are also the loudest garage heater because of the large motor and fan. These are mounted on a bracket that goes on a wall or ceiling joist.

• Wall Heater
Fan forced wall heaters work best for small and medium garages. Mounting to a wall stud on the side or back wall of the garage, wall heaters are available in many different styles and heating power. Make sure you purchase one large enough for your garage without it being too small either.

Electric or Gas?

Electric garage heaters typically cost more to run than gas. However, the electric unit cost and straight forward installation is more inexpensive. No flue, no chimney, no gas lines, no hassle installation.



Garage heater repair

When your garage heater is leaving your garage bitter cold during the winter (or anytime during the year) give us a call. We can turn your garage around and make it another room of your house with our professional repair. Call or click here today for your free estimate.




Call today to turn your garage into a toasty and inviting part of your home again.

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