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In the market for a new home heating solution? Heat pumps are new products gaining popularity all over the country and for good reason. Replace your old home heating system to start saving money and get more a more evenly heated home. Service Contractors of Texas offers top brand American Standard heat pumps in Dallas and all over Texas. If you already have a heat pump we are your authorized American Standard  heat pump repair professionals.

You want to make sure a professional inspects your heat pump to know exactly what the problem is so it can be fixed immediately. If your issue doesn’t require a professional repair, such as needing a new filter, we’ll let you know. Make sure you call us as soon as a problem comes so you don’t waste energy or money.:

First signs of trouble

One sign you will have no trouble noticing is there not being any heat. This could be a gradual decline in the highest temperature your heat pump reaches or could be a very sudden stop to your heat pump working.  

The causes for heat pump failures include filters getting blocked, flame sensor malfunctioning, damaged indoor evaporator coil, defrost control board shorting out and refrigerant leaks.

With so many ways to heat your home, what makes a heat pump unique? Besides being very energy efficient, unlike furnaces that take in fuel and turn it into heat, heat pumps do not actually generate any heat on their own. This means they do not use nearly as much energy as the other types of home heating systems. That means you save money on your heating bill. 


Even heating and cooling

Heat pumps are affordable to install and maintain. They also maintain a more evenly heated or cooled home than other types of home comfort systems by providing a steady stream of warm or cool air all day long. Compare this to a furnace that maintains a certain indoor temperature by producing very hot air occasionally and then letting it disperse.

This will also help avoid hot and cold spots throughout a home and prevents some “dry heat” problems commonly caused by furnace heat in the winter. During the summer heat pumps remove heat from inside your home rather than just blowing cold air around as air conditioner do.

Heat pump repair and installation

Service Contractors of Texas makes sure your heat pump is installed correctly and functions correctly for years, helping you get the most from it as well as saving you money from costly repairs later on. 

Make sure you stay warm and toasty this winter!


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